As shown on the Hiking Map, the open trails demonstrate different paths for an exciting expedition mountaineering. For a better overview, we categorize the different trails based on the four elevation gains described: Mist Computing, Fog Computing, Cloud Computing, and Sky Computing.

Mist Computing

At the elevation gain of ‚Mist Computing‘, you learn about the hiking trail of ‚Bare-metal Fundamentals‘, the hiking trail of ‚Embedded Software‘, and the hiking trail of ‚Internet Connectivity‘:

  • Hiking trail of Bare-metal Fundamentals:
    Electrical Fundamentals, Embedded Fundamentals, Hardware Platform, and 3D Printing Software
  • Hiking trail of Embedded Software:
    Hardware Framework, Framework Toolchain, Programming Language, Operating System, Operating System Fundamentals, and Embedded Operating System
  • Hiking trail of Internet Connectivity:
    Network Fundamentals, Distributed Computing, Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP), Serialization Format, and Information Structure

Fog Computing

Stay tuned, coming soon!

Cloud Computing

Stay tuned, coming soon!

Sky Computing

Stay tuned, coming soon!