Overview of all posts:

  • Tech Guide: Google Cloud IoT Architecture
    In this technical guide we are looking into a Cloud architecture of a data pipeline for the Internet of Things (IoT), built on services of the Google Cloud Platform like Cloud IoT Core or Cloud Functions.
  • Eclipse Unide: A Simple Payload Specification
    The Eclipse Unide project extends the existing Eclipse IoT world about a simple information structure, called Production Performance Management Protocol (PPMP).
  • Electrical Characteristics of the ESP32 chip
    This blog aside summarizes the electrical characteristics of the ESP32 chip – more precisely, the absolute maximum rating and the recommended rating of the voltage applied to the power supply pins.
  • Technical Deep-dive into Voltage Divider based on Resistors

    This blog post gives a deeper understanding of a voltage divider, more precisely a resistive voltage divider. Based on two resistors connected in series, typical use cases are the creation of a reference voltage or a voltage reduction to measure it.
  • Power up the ESP32-CAM on the Input Voltage Pin 5V
    This blog post explains the easiest way of powering up the ESP32-CAM board: Connecting an external power supply to the input voltage pin 5V on […]
  • Technical Deep-Dive into Linear Voltage Regulator
    This blog post gives a deeper understanding of a linear voltage regulator. A (linear) voltage regulator plays an important role as power supply. Its main […]